Commitment to Our Culture Keepers

All S.H.E. Event Marketplace Vendors are expected to adhere to the following policies when listing products and services on the S.H.E. Event Marketplace. Seller offenses and prohibited content can result in suspension of your S.H.E. Event Marketplace account.

S.H.E. Event Marketplace Vendor Responsibility

This policy requires that S.H.E. Event Marketplace Vendors act fair when completing transactions on the S.H.E. Event Marketplace and to ensure we make our culture keepers #1.  As a collective, we will do our very best to make sure all of our culture keepers have a safe buying and selling experience.

All S.H.E. Event Marketplace Vendors are required to:

  • Provide accurate information on products and services
  • Not Overcharge for products and services
  • Appreciate the support of our culture keepers
  • Not attempt to damage or abuse another vendors listings or ratings
  • Not attempt to influence customers’ ratings, feedback, and reviews
  • Not send unsolicited or inappropriate communications
  • Not contact customers except when the communication is in reference to an order or inquiry
  • Not attempt to circumvent the S.H.E. Event Marketplace sales process

Violating the Commitment to any S.H.E. Event Marketplace policy may result in actions against your account, such as cancellation of listings, suspension or forfeiture of payments, and removal of selling privileges. 

Peace & Love,

Katina D. Washington, President - S.H.E. Event Indy LTD